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Programme Information


1 to 5 years (Part-time)


The Programme is structured into two concentrations:

  1. Public Affairs Communication
  2. Corporate Engagement Communication

Modules are grouped into (1) Cores and (2) Electives

The core modules are designed to nurture student’s fundamental knowledge of persuasive communication, research methodologies and professional responsibility. The elective modules are designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in communication strategies and campaigns for both business and public sector

Students must complete 24 credits of modules to get the degree. Each module bears 3 credits. Four core and four elective modules are required for graduation. With approval by the Programme, no more than 2 electives can be taken from outside the Programme


Study Plans

Two-Year Study Plan
Semester 1, First Year Semester 2, First Year
STC5001 Strategic Com Theories

STC5002 Research and Data Analytics

STC5003 Global Issues & Soc Responsibility

STC5004 Com Planning & Campaigns

    Semester 1, Second Year    Semester 2, Second Year
2 Electives 2 Electives
One-Year Study Plan
Semester 1 Semester 2 Summer Semester
2 Cores + 1 Elective 2 Cores + 1 Elective 2 Electives

Module List

Electives (STC)
Area 1 Public Affairs Com Area 2 Corporate Engagement Com
5121 Advocacy and Lobbying

5122 Public Com & Social Marketing

5123 Public Affairs and Governance

5124 Crisis and Issues Management

5190 Capstone in Strategic Com

5191 Topical Studies in Pub Affairs Com

5181 Brand Strategy & Consumers Com

5182 Corp Soc Responsibility & Sustainability

5183 Stakeholders Com & Engagement

5184 Digital and Mobile Marketing

5190 Capstone in Strategic Com

5192 Topical Studies in Corp Engamt Com

Tuition Fees (for 2019/20 entry)

HK$109,000 per programme

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